Ways to Choose Anti-Inflammatory Supplements

Posted on: 21 December 2020

There are several reasons you may have issues with inflammation in your body. Some may be due to stress, heavy workout routines, weather or even with other underlying health conditions. These issues may result in painful inflammation that becomes chronic and needs some form of therapy. Though there are prescription options, there are also several supplements to consider as well. Here are a few ways to choose the right anti-inflammatory supplements for your needs.

Daily Inflammation Needs

The first thing to do is to focus on your daily inflammation needs. Rather than focusing on what part of the body you have inflammation, focus on the level of that inflammation and how you handle it throughout the day. By focusing on this, you can focus on the type of supplements you need. If you find that it is a mild to moderate inflammation, you can then begin to look for a medication that has a lower dosage or a supplement that can be taken as a food additive. However, if it is a more intense inflammation, you may need multiple anti-inflammatory supplements to help your issues.

Types of Supplements

Once you narrow down the intensity of anti-inflammatory supplements you need, you'll need to look at the types available to you. For example, you may find there are several liquid options that can be added to any drink during the day. You may also find there are options like turmeric powder. This type of anti-inflammatory supplement can be made into a paste and added to milk. The milk can then be taken on a daily basis to help with inflammation. Other supplements come in the form of gummies, capsules and caplets. You can also find teas that are suitable for anti-inflammatory needs. Narrow down the best options for you based on what you prefer and what will be easier to remember to take and use.

Prescription Interactions

A key point to remember is to focus on what prescriptions you are already on. This is vital because some prescriptions may not interact well with certain supplements. This is especially true if you are on medications for skin inflammation or heart medication. Make sure you rule out anything that could cause a bad reaction when mixed with your medications, and make sure the supplements you choose are natural and from a certified supplier or manufacturer. 

When you are ready to purchase your anti-inflammatory supplements, contact your local natural health store. They can help you narrow down the right options for you and can answer questions you have. They can also help you with questions about foods or other drug interactions you need to be aware of while on the medication. 


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